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3 Technology Trends From CES 2019 With Major Location Intelligence Implications

January 9, 2019
By: Jason Holte

We’re keeping an eye on the emerging technology trends at CES 2019 that could benefit from the use of location technology and data.

The new year is barely a week old, and already tech’s biggest movers and shakers have descended upon Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. As it does every year, CES 2019 promises to showcase the technologies that will set the standard for consumer experiences in entertainment, transportation, communication, and countless other facets of everyday life.

Top CES 2019 Technology Trends

When evaluating this year’s technology trends, we’re noticing a common theme in some of the most prominent technologies on display: location. Specifically, we are interested in the extent to which tomorrow’s technologies may be augmented or even outright enabled by the use of location intelligence. Here are three key CES 2019 technology trends that we are particularly interested in:

Top 3 CES 2019 Technology Trends:

1. 5G and Smartphones

CES 2019 Technology Trends: 5G & Smartphones

8K televisions may be the darlings of this year’s show, but we’re more focused on forthcoming advances in the 5G space. According to TechCrunch, the major American telecommunications providers have committed to rolling out 5G coverage in 2019, and many of the splashiest devices on display at CES this year are 5G-enabled.

As we noted in our 2018 analysis of the 5G site selection process, 5G coverage necessitates anywhere from 10 to 100 times the number of towers required by 3G or 4G for optimal signal coverage. For telco companies, this means a much greater number of cell sites is required to meet consumer demand, and factors such as population density, demographics, and zoning must be taken into consideration when choosing to deploy new hardware. A robust location intelligence platform can help streamline the site selection process by allowing personnel to evaluate parcels based on these factors, as well as providing complete ownership information when the time comes to negotiate for land use or purchase.

2. Augmented & Virtual Reality

CES 2019 Technology Trends: AR & VR

While many of the easiest to imagine uses of AR and VR are entertainment-related, it’s not hard to see how these technologies can be leveraged in the workplace as well. For example, imagine that you work in building and land development. Picture being able to open an app on your smartphone, point the camera at a vacant parcel of land, and immediately see property ownership information, assessed value, land use, and zoning for a site. With the use of a location intelligence platform that enables real-time streaming of property information, such an app could be built without the hassle of collecting, normalizing, and warehousing data from disparate sources.

3. Automotive

CES 2019 Technology Trends: Self-Driving Cars

Finally, we expect to see another round of announcements related to self-driving cars at CES 2019. While there are numerous factors that must be accounted for before drivers can truly become passengers in autonomous vehicles, a base requirement is that the vehicle is capable of successfully navigating to its intended destination. Consumers frequently rely on navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze to get where they are going, but did you know that those applications turn to powerful location intelligence platforms to ensure location accuracy? If self-driving cars are to truly become a viable piece of the transportation ecosystem, then their developers must utilize a best-in-class location intelligence platform to guarantee that passengers reach their destination with at least the same level of accuracy as they do when driving themselves.

How the DMP Location Intelligence Platform Can Help

Our cloud-based location intelligence platform makes it possible for technological advances like these to benefit from accurate location data. Our library of map-ready content begins with SmartParcels®, our nationwide parcel database that ties over 300 property and tax attributes to parcel boundaries. Additional map-ready data that we make available includes demographics, points of interest, and natural hazards. With SpatialStream®, our proprietary web service and real estate API, this content can be streamed into apps and technology platforms in real time, ensuring that the location information being utilized is always up to date. And for telecommunications professionals looking to streamline their property management and site acquisition workflows, our map-based real estate application, LandVision™, is powered by SpatialStream and visualizes the property and population information needed to make more confident decisions.

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