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Doing Business in Canada? 4 Canadian Datasets to Improve Your Operations

March 8, 2019
Location Data
By: Jason Holte

You may be aware of our category-defining US parcel database, SmartParcels®, but did you know about our Canadian location data offerings?

Did you know that in 2016, the latest year for which data is available, foreign majority-owned businesses in Canada generated over $1.1 trillion in operating income? From US-based companies like General Motors that operate in Canada to historically Canadian businesses such as Tim Hortons that are now owned by American companies, doing business in Canada requires an understanding of the marketplace that can be contextualized with location data. Luckily, we have a solution that can help.

Canada & US Flags - Canadian Location Data

Top financial, insurance, telco companies, and government agencies are leveraging CanMap®, our Canadian location data solutions, to gain a competitive edge, mitigate risk and improve operational efficiency. If your organization conducts business in Canada, here are four datasets we offer that can help you achieve those same goals.

Our Canadian Location Data Offerings:

CanMap Postal CodeOM Suite

Canadian Location Data: CanMap Postal Code Suite

CanMap Postal CodeOM Suite is the most complete and up-to-date database on the market. Companies can optimize their direct marketing efforts, manage territories with precision, gain serviceability insights, create accurate customer profiles, and more.

CanMap Postal CodeOM Suite includes:

    • Urban and rural six-digit (FSA LDU) postal code boundaries
    • Full point-of-call information with delivery mode types (i.e. letter carrier routes)
    • Forward sortation areas with neighborhood-level precision

Download a sample of CanMap Postal CodeOM Suite data today!

Postal Code is an official mark of Canada Post Corporation.

CanMap Address Points

CanMap Address Points is more than just the definitive database of Canadian addresses. With rooftop-level accuracy, Address Points also contain:

    • High-precision geocodes
    • Land use status
    • Additional critical location-based information

Download a data sample to see how CanMap Address Points can be easily integrated into your business applications or GPS devices to improve location accuracy, maximize efficiency, and make more confident business decisions.

CanMap Street Files and Route Logistics

Canada’s premier digital street network, CanMap Street Files and Route Logistics, is the perfect resource for determining customer serviceability and optimizing vehicle routing, personal navigation, and territory management.

Street Files and Route Logistics contain several datasets to help minimize travel time, including:

    • Street names
    • Address ranges
    • National rail networks
    • Parks data files
    • National points of interest
    • Detailed topographic and geographic features

If you would like a sample of our Street Files and Route Logistics data, you can download one here!

CanMap Content Suite

Canadian Location Data: CanMap Content Suite

For organizations seeking to leverage an even more robust data offering, CanMap Content Suite is the answer. Content Suite combines GIS data from Street Files, Route Logistics, CanMap Postal CodeOM Suite, and over 300 mapping layers to deliver the ultimate breadth of Canadian location data available.

Using CanMap Content Suite, businesses and governments can visualize:

    • Enhanced points of interest
    • Topographic information (including water, rail, parks, and more)
    • Land use status
    • Utility infrastructure
    • Police and fire stations
    • Provincial and municipal boundaries
    • And much more

To explore CanMap Content Suite in greater detail, schedule a demo!

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our Canadian location data offerings, contact us today!

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