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Here’s How the California Department of Fish & Wildlife Saves Time and Money Using the DMP Platform

May 22, 2019
Government, Success Story
By: Jason Holte

The California Department of Fish & Wildlife relies on the DMP location intelligence platform to access the parcel data and property ownership information that it needs in its everyday operations. 

As the third largest state in the United States (and the most populated), protecting California’s wildlife is a massive job. The California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW) is the state agency responsible for managing and protecting California’s fish, wildlife, plants, and native habitats. The department also oversees all related recreational, commercial, scientific, and educational uses of each area under its jurisdiction.

Yosemite National Park | California Department of Fish & Wildlife uses DMP platform to assess property ownership

With work that is so tied to the land, CDFW needs reliable location technology that includes accurate data for the entire state and the ability to easily integrate location data into its own systems. That’s why the department relies on both our map-based real estate application, LandVision™, and our nationwide parcel database, SmartParcels®, in its everyday operations.

The California Department of Fish & Wildlife Oversees the State’s 58 Counties

Will Patterson works for The California Department of Fish and Wildlife in the Biogeographic Data branch. Patterson’s team uses LandVision and SmartParcels to access statewide parcel data and property ownership information. They’ve had so much success using these two solutions that they are also reviewing the use of our SpatialStream® web services and APIs to integrate parcel data into their web-based and mobile applications.

Quickly Access Complete Parcel Data and Property Ownership Information

SmartParcels is a nationwide database that ties 300+ property and tax attributes to parcel boundaries and other map-ready content. LandVision visualizes these data points so that CDFW can easily research parcels and property ownership data throughout the State of California.

Patterson’s team conducts much of their work in the field, which requires that they be able to quickly access parcel data remotely. Using the LandVision mobile application allows CDFW to look up nearby parcels and query the property ownership of the parcels they are reviewing.

Boost Productivity and Easily Collaborate Across Project Teams

The DMP platform makes it easy for teams to get up and running right away, helping them optimize workflows and collaboration. “We’ve been using the DMP platform for 10 years,” Patterson shares. “It has helped us tremendously with staff productivity and with parcel and property ownership-related decisions.”

When seeking out a solution to help the department, CDFW chose the DMP platform because they found its capabilities and services superior to other solutions they considered. If there is anything that any member of Patterson’s team does not understand how to accomplish, they have the ability to tap into our knowledgeable Customer Success team, review on-demand training videos, or even attend personalized webinars created specifically for the department.

Review the Information You Need Within a Single Application

Patterson’s team appreciates that LandVision enables them to access everything they need within a single application. They no longer have to request data from different counties throughout the state–all of which have different methods of formatting and gathering data.

LandVision delivers complete, updated parcel boundaries, property ownership information, and location data to Patterson’s team instantly. This saves CDFW significant time because they no longer have to collect and maintain property data from multiple sources. Plus, they know that SmartParcels data will be formatted consistently and is continually updated for accuracy.

“With 58 counties in California, it is very difficult to acquire property data from each county and manage it ourselves,” says Patterson. “Having DMP aggregate and normalize all of the information we need has been very impactful.”

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