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CA Ventures Relies on LandVision to Deliver Powerful Real Estate Market Insights

November 1, 2018
Commercial Real Estate, Success Story
By: Jason Holte

Leading real estate investment company CA Ventures chose LandVision when seeking a location intelligence platform that could help optimize market research.

Real estate investing is incredibly competitive, and there’s only room at the top for those who consistently deliver the most profitable opportunities. The number one goal for real estate investors is finding strong leads and getting them under contract quickly to maximize assets and returns. Discovering those opportunities depends on accessing dynamic real estate market insights and turning those insights into actionable information–something that can be done quickly and effectively with the help of location intelligence.

CA Venture real estate market insights

A strong location intelligence platform helps investors understand and compare multiple layers of data to uncover the best opportunities in any market. With quick access to land ownership information, including address, length of ownership, etc., alongside parcel-level data, investors work from accurate information to determine the most promising investment opportunities.

After searching for a tool that met their criteria, CA Ventures found that LandVision was the best fit, offering features that outpaced competitors and helped CA Ventures to discover new opportunities and achieve investment objectives.

Who is CA Ventures?

CA Ventures is a real estate investment holding company based in Chicago, IL, with services that include investment and acquisition support, development and renovation, equity and debt sourcing, and asset management services in student living, multi-family residential, office, hospitality, and senior lifestyle. CA Ventures and their related entities pride themselves on delivering superior results to investors by consistently identifying unique opportunities and successful execution of strategies, even with ever-changing market conditions. Above all else, CA Ventures is always completely focused on maximizing investor returns.

Real Estate Market Insights that Maximize Asset and Investor Value

JJ Smith, president of CA Student Living, says CA Ventures relies on LandVision to deliver the massive amounts of data needed to effectively develop investment strategies for all markets.

“LandVision is a fundamental part of our workflow and vital to our team,” Smith explains. “It gives us the information we need to get properties under contract.”

LandVision enables Smith’s team to quickly identify and thoroughly research investment opportunities. “CA Ventures applies a data-driven methodology to guide market, product and site selection decisions,” Smith says. “LandVision enables us to drill into parcel-level data that includes ownership information, zoning, date of the last transaction, and more.”

How do Real Estate Investors Leverage LandVision?

LandVision offers tools that help real estate investors gather complete property data, allowing them to drill down to the specific information they need to inform their decision-making process. Instant access to parcel-level data through LandVision was a huge factor in what ultimately led CA Ventures to start using LandVision.

“We looked into other options, but LandVision is a pioneer in that we can access parcel-level data versus address level,” Smith says. “That’s a huge advantage LandVision has over anything else.”

Thank You to CA Ventures!

Our thanks to JJ Smith and the CA Ventures team for relying on LandVision to deliver superior service to your clients. We are happy to know our platform so effectively supports your business goals and objectives.

How do I Get Started Using LandVision?

LandVision helps real estate investors, brokers, builders, developers, right-of-way specialists, and any other business requiring mapping and site analysis to leverage parcel data for unique market insights and rapid decision-making. LandVision is a cloud-based application that is highly flexible to meet the specific needs of your organization.

To learn more about how LandVision can help your organization, schedule a demo today! You can also read the full CA Ventures success story.

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