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Avison Young Relies on LandVision to Support Its Rapid Growth

May 29, 2019
Commercial Real Estate, Success Story
By: Jason Holte

Avison Young chose LandVision™ as its location intelligence solution because the application’s property insights give its brokers a competitive advantage.

Avison Young is a full-service commercial real estate services firm with 120 offices in 20 countries, including the United States and Canada. The company prides itself on bringing the right expertise to solve client challenges, and often this includes the thoughtful integration of technology into its everyday operations.

Indianapolis Skyline | Avison Young Relies on LandVision for Property Insights

Rhonda Beiswanger is an operations manager at Avison Young’s Indianapolis office. She shares that the brokers in her office rely on the property insights and ownership information in our map-based real estate application, LandVision, to effectively deliver on the results their clients want.

LandVision Helps Avison Young Eliminate County Assessor Visits

Prior to using LandVision, gathering property insights was time-consuming for brokers at Avison Young, and the data they received was often inconsistent and outdated. LandVision gives Avison Young instant access to detailed property data, including ownership information, transaction history, and parcel data. This dramatically reduces the time and costs associated with requesting the same information from county assessors while also producing consistent, accurate information.

“Before using LandVision, it was hard to navigate through county GIS systems. The information was often dated and not consistent,” Beiswanger says. “Now I can pull up a parcel in LandVision and get detailed information that can be easily exported into an actionable report. Our brokers can dive deep into the property insights, including owner information along with other land holdings.”

Brokers At Avison Young Gain Competitive Property Insights Using LandVision

LandVision makes research easier. Brokers at Avison Young are able to present existing and potential clients with information and insights they might not receive from a landlord, such as data about the area surrounding a parcel or information about the previous owners. The ability to access these insights within a single application helps Avison Young capture a greater share of its market.

“Commercial real estate is an industry that is constantly changing. We need to know our market – including the land, owners, and buyers,” Beiswanger explains. “Databases are only as good as the information being put into them, and we can trust the property insights in LandVision.”

Quickly Access Actionable Property Insights

LandVision was easy for Avison Young to implement. From onboarding to expanding their use of the application, Beiswanger’s team has received top-notch customer support. Adopting LandVision gave Avison Young instant access to valuable property insights that its brokers, marketing personnel, and operations teams could begin to deploy right away.

“DMP’s customer service is superb,” says Beiswanger. “Our representative came to our office to meet with us and make sure everyone was properly trained on and current with the features we should know about. He was familiar with the technologies we were already using, making it easy to export and import data so we can use it the way we need to.”

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As part of the DMP location intelligence platform, over 17,000 commercial real estate professionals rely on LandVision to help them identify off-market opportunities and win more deals. To find out why, schedule a free demo today!

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