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How The DMP Platform Helps This Real Estate Developer Discover Profitable Opportunities

May 10, 2019
Land Development, Success Story
By: Jason Holte

Real estate developer 3rd Angle Developments uses LandVision™ to accelerate research and discover profitable opportunities in Austin’s competitive real estate market.

Property research is a common challenge for real estate developers. The process can take a significant amount of time if developers need to collect and validate information from multiple sources. To meet this challenge, Joshua Brunsmann, principal of 3rd Angle Developments, sought a solution that could help streamline the company’s property research workflows.

Real Estate Developer 3rd Angle Developments Uses LandVision to Identify Profitable Opportunities

3rd Angle Developments is a Leader in Austin’s Real Estate Market

3rd Angle Developments is an Austin, TX-based real estate developer focused on buying homes, lots, and other properties. The company’s expertise is grounded in their knowledge of Austin’s expanding real estate market. They serve clients by making it easy to sell properties, and they connect investors to the properties that are best suited to their objectives. The company’s clients include multi-family, commercial, office, and retail owners and investors.

Real Estate Developers Save Time With Efficient Property Research

Our map-based real estate application, LandVision, was recommended to Brunsmann by a friend in a similar line of work, and he was skeptical at first. He requested a demo to determine if the application was truly the resource that his friend made it out to be. Following the demo, he realized that LandVision would enable his company to quickly access the data it needs within a single application.

Property research became more efficient as soon as Brunsmann started using LandVision.  “LandVision has already helped me a lot. I can pull property information immediately and find exactly what I need,” Brunsmann shares.

Review Precise Property Data

LandVision allows Brunsmann to overlay multiple datasets at once so that he only sees the information he needs for every project. The application’s map-based interface also allows him to visualize exactly where properties are and how they address his or his client’s target criteria.

“The zoning layer was the main reason I tried LandVision and it is a game-changer for me,” says Brunsmann. “It allows me to identify larger tracts easily and more accurately. With LandVision, I can see land use and development standards for each area I’m targeting.”

Identify Development Opportunities Faster

Prior to using LandVision, Brunsmann was using spreadsheets to track property data and research that was coming from multiple sources, making it challenging to discover new commercial development opportunities. As a real estate developer, the ability to access all of the information he needs within a single application enables Brunsmann to quickly find opportunities for his clients.

“I think LandVision is a fantastic application – it’s been phenomenal! I was stuck in old methods using tax records and spreadsheets. I no longer have to stress myself to get the information I need.”

How the DMP Platform Helps Real Estate Developers

Built on the cloud-based DMP location intelligence platform, LandVision is trusted by over 2,500 leading home builders and real estate developers to help them streamline property data research and analysis. Schedule a demo to see LandVision in action, or contact us today to learn more! You can also download a copy of this success story.

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