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Why AT&T Relies on the DMP Platform to Inform Wireless Network Planning

September 4, 2019
Parcel Data, Success Story
By: Jason Holte

SmartParcels® helps AT&T streamline network planning and determine the optimal location for communications infrastructure nationwide.

In order to optimally deploy indoor wireless systems and network assets across the United States, AT&T required property data that was complete and accurate enough for their analytical models. Jay Young is a Design Manager in National Engineering for AT&T, and he shares how our nationwide parcel database, SmartParcels, empowers the company to make data-driven network planning decisions across the United States.

Houston skyline at night | Why AT&T Relies on the DMP Platform to Inform Wireless Network Planning

Make Data-Backed Network Planning Decisions

Young’s team primarily uses SmartParcels to identify locations where AT&T can place in-building communications systems to best serve their customers’ needs. With next-generation systems requiring more network assets than previous generations, reliable location data is an invaluable component of network planning. Complete, accurate location insights allow companies of all sizes to make more confident decisions.

“Using SmartParcels, we have been able to use analytics to provide guidance to our markets that allows them to make data-driven decisions when providing indoor wireless solutions for our customers,” explains Young.

Leverage Current, Accurate Data Across the United States

SmartParcels ties over 300 property and tax attributes to parcel boundaries for over 95% of properties in the United States. The depth and breadth of data available through the DMP location intelligence platform was a significant factor that led AT&T to select SmartParcels. “We chose SmartParcels based on the percentage of data available – both how complete it is, and how much information that it contains for the whole country,” Young explains.

Integrate SmartParcels Into Your Systems and Network Planning Models With Ease

Because Young’s team required a significant amount of data, it was important that they be able to seamlessly utilize it in their network planning workflows. SmartParcels is compatible with most existing systems and analytical models, which allows companies to spend less time configuring data and more time solving complex operational challenges.

“SmartParcels is conveniently formatted, which allows us to easily integrate it into our analytical models,” Young says. “We are able to use the information to generate internal pools to guide our engineering teams.”

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Over 1,200 businesses and governments, including the world’s largest telecommunications company, trust the DMP location intelligence platform to help them make more confident decisions. Contact us today for more information on our solutions, or fill out the form below to receive a free sample of our SmartParcels data!

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