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A Leading FinTech Tool for Fix-and-Flip Investors is Powered by the DMP Platform

March 21, 2019
Location Or Spatial Technology, Success Story
By: Jason Holte

As part of the DMP Location Intelligence Platform, learn how SpatialStream® and LandVision are helping Anchor Loans stay on top in a highly competitive industry with a powerful FinTech tool.

As the nation’s leading private direct lender to fix-and-flip investors, Anchor Loans is at the forefront of innovative lending. The company relies on both SpatialStream and LandVision to meet multiple business objectives.

“SpatialStream and LandVision save us a lot of time and allow our employees to be more efficient,” explains COO Sabrina Zuckerman. “We can be systematic about gathering information. Our team doesn’t have to manually review every property; instead, they can aggregate data to see which properties need to be investigated more deeply.”

Anchor Loans Serves Fix-and-Flip Real Estate Investors

Direct lending is highly competitive, and it is imperative for lenders to deliver value to investors quickly. To meet this challenge, Anchor Loans is always prepared to innovate to ensure they are serving clients as efficiently as possible. The company’s proprietary FinTech tool is a huge market differentiator because it accelerates fix-and-flip funding, closing loans for borrowers in as few as 3-10 days.

SpatialStream Seamlessly Integrates with the Anchor Loans FinTech Tool

The Anchor Loans FinTech tool was developed by the company’s team of financial, real estate and technology experts, and it uses SpatialStream to stream updated property and tax information into their platform in real time. The ability to leverage current, accurate location data is extremely beneficial to the Anchor Loans team.

“Our technology allows us to accurately and quickly evaluate properties,” says Zuckerman. “Using the SpatialStream web service, we are able to easily view property information, ownership history, and outstanding liens, and can compare values against our internal system.”


The DMP location intelligence platform helps power the Anchor Loans FinTech tool

When residential investors use the Anchor Loans FinTech tool to apply for financing, the platform combines spatial data provided by SpatialStream with Anchor’s own rules and datasets to quickly determine whether the prospect is eligible or the request requires further investigation.

This automated process helps inform project evaluation, loan processing and funding, construction support, payment automation, default prevention and intervention, and much more. This includes the ability to quickly and efficiently fund fix-and-flip rental properties that would not qualify for bank financing or would ordinarily take another lender more than a month to fund.

The location data that SpatialStream provides is continually updated and accurate, ensuring that Anchor Loans is only working off of the most recent data available. This helps the company minimize risk while giving real estate entrepreneurs faster access to the capital they require to launch projects. By all available metrics, the program has been a success. With a foreclosure rate of 0.3% since 2010 and minimal losses, the Anchor Loans FinTech tool is fast without compromising the accuracy of the company’s underwriting process.

LandVision Helps Anchor Loans Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

In speaking with Zuckerman, it quickly becomes clear that effective, efficient customer service is central to the company’s mission. LandVision enables Anchor Loans to automate processes and streamline data collection, which has helped the company deliver a superior customer experience and gain a competitive advantage over other real estate lenders:

“LandVision is central to our system,” Zuckerman explains. “Everything we do is property-related, and we get so much value from the data we gather from LandVision. I can’t imagine what businesses did before this type of technology solution was available.”

Thank You Anchor Loans!

Many thanks to COO Sabrina Zuckerman for sharing this success story with us and for discussing how the SpatialStream location-based web service and LandVision, our map-based real estate application, support the company’s business objectives. We are proud to partner with an innovative company focused on leveraging location technology and data to help serve customers more effectively.

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