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The DMP Platform Supplies Reliable, Accurate Property Data to Voit Real Estate Services

July 1, 2019
Commercial Real Estate, Success Story
By: Jason Holte

Using LandVision™, brokers at Voit Real Estate Services get the accurate property data they need to produce profitable results.

Voit Real Estate Services is a broker-owned commercial real estate firm that has been serving Southern California since 1971. The firm prides itself on its company culture and unique platform, which is designed to evolve to meet its clients’ needs. Location technology helps the company support this mission, and a prior product was failing to create value because it delivered inconsistent data. We spoke to Joshua Brant, the company’s Regional Director of Research, to learn how the accurate property data and range of features provided by LandVision have earned his team’s trust. 

San Diego Harbor | The DMP Platform Supplies Reliable, Accurate Property Data to Voit Real Estate Services

Conduct Research With Accurate Property Data

Voit Real Estate Services starts their research process with the detailed site profile reports generated by our map-based real estate application, LandVision. The information visualized in LandVision is continually updated, which gives Brant’s team the confidence of knowing that they are always working off of accurate property data. Because these reports are generated in seconds without a user needing to leave the application, brokers are able to evaluate opportunities faster than they could by using traditional methods.

“You can’t sell a property if you don’t know what you have. LandVision’s site profile reports give detailed property information with a layout showing everything,” says Brant. “LandVision is a must-have.”

Make Effective Sales Calls

LandVision delivers complete owner portfolios that detail every property currently held by an owner or entity. This ensures that brokers are fully informed of an owner’s holdings before picking up the phone, providing insights into the makeup of a property owner’s portfolio and potentially indicating assets that they may be willing to move. Owner portfolios in LandVision are also continually updated, which makes them a valuable and accurate property data point to analyze.

“The owner portfolio is my personal favorite LandVision tool. We did not see anyone else offering that,” shares Brant. “It helps us turn a cold call into a warm call because we go into calls completely informed. The conversation flows easily when we know what we are talking about.”

Leverage a Single, User-Friendly Application for Accurate Property Data

The features within LandVision are robust, yet user-friendly so that property research and brokerage teams can begin achieving results quickly. Brant’s team was using a different location technology provider before making the switch to the DMP location intelligence platform, and they find that LandVision offers greater value with a better interface, more features, and more accurate property data all within one application.

“It’s difficult to quantify the benefit of using LandVision because it’s so integral to what we do. It’s part of every deal we work on. It’s a crucial part of our process,” explains Brant. “We use a lot of third-party data providers, and LandVision is one of the most crucial applications for us.”

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