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5 Benefits of the LandVision Spring 2017 Release

June 8, 2017
Cloud-Based Software, Online Mapping, Parcel Data
By: Vivian Nguyen

The Spring 2017 LandVision release brings several enhancements and updates to our LandVision applications. Customers will experience value in the following ways, including land use:

Retail Logos in LandVision | Land Use
Figure 1: Retail logos for a mall

The Right Information to Make the Best Decisions

Land-Use-Specific Panel and Cards 

Our new Panel Profiles provide a more concise view of information for users by displaying fields that are specific to the type of land use.  Panel Profiles are now customizable using Card Designer to give users the ability to define and prioritize information.

Parcel Tooltip Customization 

Get a better understanding of a parcel by viewing information from more than one layer. With the updated Parcel Tooltips, users now have the flexibility to quickly understand a property based on information that’s most relevant to their research.

iPad Updates 

Our iPad application has received significant updates. Users will now experience an interface that’s consistent with the spring release, including several enhancements and additional commands. Check out LandVision Mobile to get the full LandVision experience today.

Easy-to-Use Market Insight Tools

Trade Areas 

The update to trade areas will now allow users to identify and quickly conduct a spatial analysis of an area with a simple right-click. Trade Areas can help users identify proximity to gas stations, retail centers or competitors to provide a quick and easy way to understand proximity and opportunity. Users can leverage this spatial representation to better understand the attractiveness of their trade areas.

Major Brand Layer 

The new Major Brands layer encompasses over 1,600 brand logos and correlates with our National Major Brand search functionality. Now the presentation and analysis of brands within an area have another view, granting additional options and simplified presentation for LandVision users.

Connect for LandVision

For commercial real estate professionals, Connect for LandVision has received an update with this spring release to allow users to perform field research and add notes, voice memos and photos conveniently. Designed to bridge the gap between the on-site visit and desktop research, Connect for LandVision will allow individual users to securely create and house all researched information in the cloud for convenient access their LandVision desktop application. Any saved content is represented on a map for easy visualization and can be accessed by the user with ease.

Local Ownership Lookup

For builders and developers, we’ve updated the “Adjacent Lots Owned” field to provide a visual and tabular analysis of adjacent parcels with common ownership. The listed parcels will be represented on the map as well as in the list, making it easy to discern where the parcels are located without having to click around to discover their locations.

Data Updates

  • DMP has sourced, secured, and processed parcel geometry updates from counties covering over 30 million parcels in just the past six months.
  • Since November, nearly 51 new counties totaling over 1 million parcels have been added into the LandVision application platform!

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