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4th of July Fun Facts

July 3, 2019
Location Intelligence
By: Jason Holte

Let’s take a look at a few locations across the United States where every day is the 4th of July.

Independence Day is here again! All across the United States, people are preparing to celebrate America’s 243rd birthday by stocking up on burgers and hot dogs and picking the perfect spot to watch a dazzling fireworks display. And over at the World Cup, the United States Women’s National Team kicked off the celebration a couple of days early with a 2-1 win over England. 

Happy 4th of July from Digital Map Products!

The US Census Bureau is in the holiday spirit too, as they’ve recently released their annual list of fun facts for the 4th of July. In our never-ending quest to use maps to bring context to the world around us, let’s dive into the Census Bureau’s 4th of July fun facts. From there, we’ll see what we can add with the help of our map-based real estate application, LandVision™!

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US Census Stats for the 4th of July

According to the Census Bureau, the population of the original 13 US colonies in 1776 was approximately 2.5 million people. As of July 1, 2019, the country’s population is estimated to be 330 million! If you live in Florida, Georgia, Montana, or Texas, then you might live in Liberty County. However, the only residents of Independence County hail from Arkansas. Speaking of independence, the oldest signer of the Declaration of Independence was Benjamin Franklin at 70 years old. 24 counties are named after Franklin, and in his home state of Pennsylvania, Franklin County had an estimated population of just under 155,000 last year. Wondering how many fireworks have been purchased in the United States? Using NAICS code 453998 (miscellaneous retailers), the Census Bureau estimates that nearly $370 million worth were sold in 2012.

The 4th of July According to LandVision

There may only be one Independence County, but a quick search in LandVision reveals that there are three US cities named Independence: one in Kansas, one in Oklahoma, and as anyone who grew up playing Oregon Trail will recall, one in Missouri. As for places named after famous figures from the American Revolution, there are four cities named Revere (Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and West Virginia), three cities, a county, and a township named Jefferson, and one city in Pennsylvania named for this writer’s favorite Founding Father, Thomas Paine.

Independence Hall in LandVision | Happy 4th of July!

In Philadelphia, Independence Hall sits on a 4.66-acre lot on Chestnut Street across from Independence National Historical Park. Including Old City Hall, the buildings on the lot total 57,000 square feet, and the land use category is commercial. Last sold on New Years Day in 1943, the property is co-owned by the City of Philadelphia and Independence Hall. For morning visitors, the closest Starbucks is just 800 feet away, and there are 424 restaurants within half of a mile of Independence Hall. So when you get hungry after a day of sightseeing, there is no shortage of options!

Opportunity Zones Near Independence Hall in LandVision | Happy 4th of July!

America was founded as the Land of Opportunity, so you may be interested to know that there are 8,700 Treasury-designated tax opportunity zones across the United States. LandVision makes it easy to find properties in opportunity zones, so we were able to quickly determine that Independence Hall isn’t located within one. However, there is an opportunity zone approximately 1,400 feet to the northwest and another across the Delaware River, just three-quarters of a mile to the east.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed these 4th of July fun facts and that you have a safe and happy Independence Day! When you’re back in the office, schedule a free demo to see how LandVision can help you gain actionable insights into the properties and markets where you work.

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