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3 Ways Interactive Maps Enhance Your City’s Community Engagement

August 3, 2015
Community Engagement
By: Richard Lin

Technology and information move faster every day, and city residents expect their local governments to provide speedy and accessible channels for services and information.

Cities use their public websites as a primary channel to foster civic engagement – providing news and information, connecting with residents and visitors, and gathering public feedback. Interactive maps are easy and powerful tools to help governments meet these objectives.


In our recent webinar, featuring our CommunityView online mapping application, we discussed how cities can enhance engagement and communication through their public websites by adding easy-to-use dynamic informational maps. By including robust interactive maps that are easy to manage on your city’s website, you’ll be adding value to your constituency in 3 specific ways.

1. Promote City Amenities and Services

CommunityView enables local government staff to publish information such as scheduled city services, property and zoning information, amenities, news, community events and more. Constituents can access a large variety of important information about the community online on a self-service basis. Meanwhile, local government agency staff can dedicate time and resources to handling other issues and priorities.

2. Visually Guide Visitors to Information

Interactive maps are a user-friendly way for local governments to visually guide residents to obtain important city services and information. With the general popularity of online maps, site visitors can navigate a familiar format to find information. By linking essential news and services to mapped locations, such as city hall or an electronic recycling center, residents will have an easier time finding the relevant information and service locations they’re looking for.

CommunityView VirtualTrails

3. Encourage Community Engagement

Cities can promote community events and programs through applications integrated with the city’s published interactive maps. Social media updates can help contribute to public conversations and provide a channel for valuable feedback regarding projects such as a newly proposed park site or new zoning boundaries. Third-party applications with open API capabilities can be integrated with CommunityView to inform the public and encourage community involvement. Additionally, with the CommunityView Connect mobile application, residents can help contribute to improving their cities on-the-go by actively reporting public issues such as potholes, streetlight outages, and vandalism.

As a cloud-based solution, CommunityView is simple to implement and maintain and requires no servers, software or dedicated infrastructure. With no GIS expertise nor technical resources required, you can get started quickly to better serve your community.

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