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3 Reasons to Love the New Connect for LandVision Mobile App

June 1, 2017
Commercial Real Estate
By: Vivian Nguyen

Update 9/4/2018: Learn more about our LandVision for mobile update!

Do you always find yourself needing more time? Time finding deals?  Time researching? Time managing data?

We’re happy to announce the latest release of Connect for LandVision, developed to save commercial real estate professionals time and money by streamlining and simplifying the research process. Connect your on-site visit notes and recordings from your mobile device with your LandVision desktop application using your login.

Here’s how the new LandVision Connect will help you stand out in the industry:

CRE Connect

View & Capture Property Data on the Road:

As a broker, your day does not stop, information and opportunities can come to you while you jog or when you’re eating lunch. Connect for LandVision gives you the ability to quickly research, capture, and relate information while you’re out and about. Take notes and attach images to properties that are of interests and save this information directly to the cloud. Gain access and discover property information to properties near your location so you can maximize your research efforts, even when you’re not at your desk.

Conduct Analysis and Gain Easy Access to Market Insights

Becoming an expert in the market requires hours and hours invested in researching properties and performing onsite visits. LandVision Connect gives you a single accessible location to organize and keep track your research. All notes, recordings, and images are efficiently connected to the parcel being researched and show up within the MySite layer to your LandVision account, remaining private and locked down to your login. Connect for LandVision can be used to help you log all research efforts and keep an up to date understanding of a market as it changes.

Track Your Properties of Interest

Knowing which properties have the most opportunity is beneficial, and performing a site analysis while having an easy-to-access list of notes is necessary to do it well. Connect for LandVision introduces the ability for users to create a list of all properties of interest that easily syncs from the mobile platform to the desktop application. All notes, images, or voice recordings you take via the Connect mobile app will automatically generate a property of interest in the MySite layer of LandVision. Review and conduct research on your desktop or the road by getting access to view property information as you please.

Love it Yet? Explore Your Market Today with LandVision Connect!

Now available on both IOS and Android Devices.

Contact your administrator today to find out how to access the latest edition of LandVision Connect!

If you are not a LandVision user click here: LandVision Demo for CRE

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