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3 Quick Tips Oil & Gas Companies Should Consider for Right-of-Way Projects

May 10, 2018
Oil & Gas Pipeline, Right Of Way Projects
By: Vivian Nguyen

Negotiating right-of-way projects for your pipeline can be a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. Here are three ways that location technology and data can increase operational efficiency for oil and gas companies.

1. Understand Surface Ownership

As part of the easement acquisition process, it’s important to understand surface ownership. A strong location technology platform can help you visualize your planned route and the parcels or strips of land which you will need to negotiate or maintain leases for, as well as who you will need to negotiate with. Additionally, you can look for multiple parcels owned by the same entity to simplify your negotiation process.

2. Realize Cost- and Time-Efficient Route Planning

When planning a new pipeline for an oil and gas project, the most cost- and time-efficient route needs to be determined. To do this, you need valid and up-to-date information on a parcel and what the land is used for. Powerful visualization of transaction information, past sale data, and assessed value can help you quickly and easily understand the land value to make the most financially prudent decisions.

3. Mitigate and Manage Risk for Right-of-Way Projects

Mitigating risk of human and environmental harm is paramount when installing oil and gas pipelines. As part of the planning process, a location technology platform can help you map out where natural hazards exist, such as seismic zones or flood zones. If an accident should occur, your platform can help you maintain legal compliance by providing ownership information to quickly and effectively notify potentially affected residents.

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