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Canadian Geolocation Data: DMTI Spatial

Canadian geolocation data and high precision addresses now available via DMTI Spatial.

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high precision Canadian addresses

Canadian Geolocation Data And High Precision Addresses Now Available Via DMTI Spatial

It was announced in our recent press release that:

Canadian geolocation data

“Digital Map Products has acquired DMTI Spatial (“DMTI”). DMTI is Canada’s market leader in location intelligence and data quality, offering a suite of location-based intelligence solutions, including CanMap® and LocationHub®, powered by a proprietary database that is continuously updated via more than 7,300 unique data sources. DMTI offers the most comprehensive source of Canadian geolocation data and high precision addresses, trusted by many of the country’s largest private and public sector organizations.”

We are excited to join forces with DMTI Spatial and look forward to the many synergies available to both companies and our customers as we begin the integration!

Here is a quick summary of the DMTI Spatial story

Our Vision

We ignite the power of location for every individual, allowing every business to reach its full potential.

Our Mission

Building on our heritage of innovation and creativity, we help businesses grow through actionable insights uncovered by leveraging location to bring together and analyze a growing world of data. We make breakthrough products that change the way people use location.

What We Do

We are leaders in the field of location analytics, offering value to our customers through:

  • Real-time integrated location solutions
  • Location-enabled predictive analytics
  • Location data products

If you have any questions about Canadian geolocation data and high precision addresses in Canada, please contact us or reach out to DMTI Spatial direct via this contact page.

High Precision Canada Addresses