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Our blog provides insight into how customers use products, weighs in on new innovations in location technology and spatial data, and offers commentary on industry-specific issues.

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local government data integrationWhy Local Governments Need Data Integration And Mapping

The value of local government data integration is hard to ignore these days. Data analysis and map visualization have become an integral part of the government framework and key to substantive public outreach.  Government agencies, whether they are townships, cities, counties, state agencies, or special districts proactively search for meaningful ways to engage their community.  Public expectations have changed and increasingly people want the ability to have interactions with the government as easily as they interact with their bank.  Collaboration... Read More

Raiders Las Vegas StadiumRaiders Las Vegas Stadium: NFL Team Has 62-Acre Site

This post is about the new Raiders Las Vegas Stadium. Just like many of you, we are football fans. We are also fans of spatial data and mapping so it shouldn’t surprise you that we might want to participate when the two collide.     In this case, we read a lot of stories recently about the new Raiders Las Vegas Stadium. Specifically, we read about the early news of the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas, the variety of reactions... Read More

top cre brokers5 Things Top CRE Brokers Do Before Breakfast

Succeeding in real estate means pushing hard every day to secure relationships with quality prospects and help existing clients win in the marketplace. The most successful (top CRE brokers) are those armed with the best tools and strategies to help them work quickly and efficiently from the minute their day begins. Use these 5 tips to set yourself up for success every day. 1 – Top CRE Brokers Respond to Existing Customers Quick, if not immediate, response times are the... Read More

Streaming Feature LayersStreaming Feature Layers: Accelerating You To Actionable Insights

Optimizing how data performs for our clients is a relentless focus of the DMP team. This focus spans multiple dimensions as we strive to deliver outcomes such as discoverability, understandability, facilitated decision making, speed-to-decision, and unique insights. And, these efforts often have us on the leading edge of geospatial technologies. This trend continues in early 2017 with our introduction of Streaming Feature Layers (SFL), DMP’s iteration of modern vector tiling technologies. Using Streaming Feature Layers Streaming Feature Layers are implemented... Read More

utility company roiIncrease Utility Company ROI With Mapping Data

Utility companies can increase their ROI by using their resources intelligently. The following example explains why the use of the latest available property data is a crucial part of this process. The challenge faced by utility companies Utility companies are faced with high operation costs – according to Deloitte, over $115 billion was estimated to be spent by US electric power and gas companies in 2016. This money is spent on the smart grid, expansion, transmission and distribution, customer service and... Read More

spatial technologySpatial Technology: 4 Advantages in the Real Estate Market

Are you using spatial technology to better understand the real estate market? Should you be? In the real estate space there is a wide range of criteria that make a site ideal for each client or project. The most successful brokers are those that are not only efficient in their analysis, can also find the most value. Below are four ways that you can use spatial technology to increase your success and gain an edge on the competition: Save time with... Read More

award-winning softwareDigital Map Products Named a Finalist for 2017 ACG Awards

Announcing new recognition for our award-winning software. Digital Map Products is excited to announce that we’ve been named a finalist for the 2017 ACG Awards! Here’s a quick summary from our press release: Digital Map Products, the leading provider of cloud-based location technology and data solutions, announced today that it has been named a finalist for the 22nd Annual ACG Awards. Each May, the Orange County chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) recognizes and honors a select group of... Read More

land acquisition success3 Keys To Land Acquisition Success

Land acquisition success is about relationships, timing and market knowledge. Here are some of the key aspects of a successful effort illustrated by an example in progress. The New Warner Center Promenade The recent unveiling of the Warner Center Promenade a 1.5-billion project to replace struggling Westfield Promenade illustrates an area that is undergoing regentrification, and land acquisition specialists will have been reviewing land ownerships, F.A.R, and zoning carefully since the inception of the idea. Now with a design concept underway,... Read More

Property Owner PortfolioHow To Uncover A Property Owner Portfolio

Knowing a property owner portfolio helps you feel just a little bit smarter. Have you ever wanted to uncover additional properties an investor or company owns?   Information about a property owner portfolio helps you: Prioritize your time around high-quality prospects/investors Uncover the true owner of the property Create a deeper connection with a property owner based on the locations and amenities surrounding their properties Creatively discover additional opportunities with an owner you may have been unaware of Produce competitive intelligence... Read More

overlay retail logosHow To Overlay Retail Logos On An Aerial Map

  Have you or your team ever spent hours trying to overlay retail logos on a map? When analyzing properties, a crucial aspect includes knowing what businesses are nearby. You may analyze neighboring properties, the population in an area, what the population in the area cares about, and even surrounding retailers. You may research all these data points as part of an acquisition, competitive analysis, or even to avoid certain populated areas altogether. Using LandVision, a user is able to... Read More

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