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Our blog provides insight into how customers use products, weighs in on new innovations in location technology and spatial data, and offers commentary on industry-specific issues.

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natural disaster plansNatural Disaster Plans: How Web-Based Maps Measure Impact

Natural disaster plans are critical for state and local governments. Web-based maps can help greatly with visualization. See how as we take a look at the recent landslide in Northern California. The landslide affecting the Pacific Coast Highway As many news outlets reported, such as the Los Angeles Times, a major landslide occurred affecting Pacific Coast Highway resulting in the obstruction of all traffic. Erosion, in the form landslides, is very common for the this California coastal region. Thankfully, there... Read More

Fastest Growing Large CitiesDo High School Ratings Impact Housing Demand?

The U.S. Census Bureau recently ranked the fastest growing large cities in the United States. HINT on the results: there’s a lot of growth in the State of Texas.  Where’s the growth coming from, what large cities are showing the most growth and what’s driving that growth? Well, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the growth is largely attributed to corporate relocations and expansions that generate new jobs. Other contributing factors included diversified economies, lower costs of living, skilled workforces that... Read More

aggregated parcelHow Land Acquisition Teams Find Assemblages

Looking for aggregated parcels? It’s common for builders and developers to look for aggregated properties owned by the same owner. Why? Because it can unleash opportunities that may have been passed over previously. To start the search, developers typically have site criteria in mind such as the size of site necessary for development along with other factors such as current land use, zoning code, and more. When researching sites that meet the minimum size criteria, this search is performed for... Read More

overlay retail logos5 Benefits of the LandVision Spring 2017 Release

The Spring 2017 LandVisionTM Release brings several enhancements and updates to Digital Map Product’s LandVision applications. Customers will experience value in the following ways. The Right Information to Make the Best Decisions Land Use Specific Panel and Cards (All LandVision Editions) Our new Panel Profiles provide a more concise view of information for users by displaying fields that are specific to the type of land use.  Panel Profiles are now customizable using Card Designer to give users the ability  to... Read More

3 Reasons to Love the New Connect for LandVision CRE Mobile App

Do you always find yourself needing more time? Time finding deals?  Time researching? Time managing data? We’re happy to announce the latest release of Connect for LandVisionTM Commercial Real Estate (CRE), developed to save you time and money by streamlining and simplifying your research process. Connect your on-site visit notes and recordings from your mobile device with your LandVision CRE desktop application using your login. Here’s how the new LandVision Connect will help you stand out in the commercial real estate... Read More

master-planned, mixed use developmentLand Development Spotlight: A New Master Planned, Mixed Use Development In Seattle

There’s a new master-planned, mixed use development in Seattle. We’re always curious about the relationship between land development projects and the activity it drives. This includes the surrounding residential and commercial markets. If you didn’t read it yet, we recently reviewed the land purchased by the Oakland (now Las Vegas) Raiders. Read this post about the new Las Vegas Raiders stadium project. Here’s another example. This one is a newly approved, master-planned, mixed use development up in Seattle. We learned... Read More

local government data integrationWhy Local Governments Need Data Integration And Mapping

The value of local government data integration is hard to ignore these days. Data analysis and map visualization have become an integral part of the government framework and key to substantive public outreach.  Government agencies, whether they are townships, cities, counties, state agencies, or special districts proactively search for meaningful ways to engage their community.  Public expectations have changed and increasingly people want the ability to have interactions with the government as easily as they interact with their bank.  Collaboration... Read More

Raiders Las Vegas StadiumRaiders Las Vegas Stadium: NFL Team Has 62-Acre Site

This post is about the new Raiders Las Vegas Stadium. Just like many of you, we are football fans. We are also fans of spatial data and mapping so it shouldn’t surprise you that we might want to participate when the two collide.     In this case, we read a lot of stories recently about the new Raiders Las Vegas Stadium. Specifically, we read about the early news of the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas, the variety of reactions... Read More

top cre brokers5 Things Top CRE Brokers Do Before Breakfast

Succeeding in real estate means pushing hard every day to secure relationships with quality prospects and help existing clients win in the marketplace. The most successful (top CRE brokers) are those armed with the best tools and strategies to help them work quickly and efficiently from the minute their day begins. Use these 5 tips to set yourself up for success every day. 1 – Top CRE Brokers Respond to Existing Customers Quick, if not immediate, response times are the... Read More

Streaming Feature LayersStreaming Feature Layers: Accelerating You To Actionable Insights

Optimizing how data performs for our clients is a relentless focus of the DMP team. This focus spans multiple dimensions as we strive to deliver outcomes such as discoverability, understandability, facilitated decision making, speed-to-decision, and unique insights. And, these efforts often have us on the leading edge of geospatial technologies. This trend continues in early 2017 with our introduction of Streaming Feature Layers (SFL), DMP’s iteration of modern vector tiling technologies. Using Streaming Feature Layers Streaming Feature Layers are implemented... Read More

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