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This is How a Collegiate Housing Developer Uses LandVision to Find Profitable Opportunities

Posted on by Vivian Nguyen in Home Building

Housing Developer EdR projectWhen you’re known as one of the best collegiate housing developer, you want make sure you continue to deliver services that exceed client expectations. EdR discovered LandVision after determining that their land prospecting process was too time consuming and inefficient. They started using LandVision to save time but soon found benefits beyond what they were expecting, including access to complete, current owner portfolios and the ability to find profitable opportunities they wouldn’t have found without LandVision.


Read on to see how this leading collegiate housing developer increased their company’s success using LandVision!

EdR Collegiate Housing Developer

First, a little background on EdR. The company has worked in the collegiate housing industry since 1964, and is one of the largest developers, owners and managers of high-quality student housing communities. EdR is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: EDR), and has an impressive portfolio of investment developments across the United States.

EdR’s Development Analyst Boone Blackburn spoke to us about how the company embraces innovation to deliver impressive facilities and valuable services to their customers, and how using LandVision helps his team discover development opportunities they might have otherwise missed.

LandVision Reveals Hidden Opportunities

EdR started out using LandVision to speed up the process of finding land for development, but quickly found that it also helps their team discover opportunities they might have otherwise missed. Boone tells us: “We use LandVision to find land for new development, including parcels that are linked together that we wouldn’t have found without it. We can also see who the owners are and how to contact them.”

EdR inputs the data points, such as zoning, land use, and aggregate acreage, and LandVision pulls up the properties that best align with project objectives. Being able to visualize this data on a map allows EdR to find opportunities other developers are missing.

Boone shares an example of how LandVision helps him find new opportunities: “I can filter for type of land zoning and look for the acres I want, along with the owner’s full portfolio. When I see landowners own multiple parcels on LandVision, that gives us an idea of sites owners might want to sell.”

Streamlined Land Prospecting

LandVision streamlines the overall land prospecting process for collegiate housing developer EdR by providing complete owner portfolios, making it simple to contact owners and be prepared with actionable information to start negotiations, including an overview of all the land each owner owns, as well as accurate assessed land values.

And of course, LandVision is also a major timesaver for EdR–this is, after all, the reason they started using LandVision in the first place. Team members no longer spend time manually searching for land data from state and country websites or the state secretary’s office. Spatial data is instantly accessible, and anyone on Boone’s team can easily locate points of interest using LandVision’s bookmarking feature to flag and track important land opportunities.

Another time saver is the fact that LandVision is user-friendly and intuitive, meaning most members on Boone’s team are self-taught and did not have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to apply LandVision to their workflows..

What is LandVision?

LandVision is a cloud-based, turnkey mapping application that allows you to search for land, analyze parcels, conduct competitive analysis, and review hundreds of property data points layered onto a map. Because of SpatialStream, DMP’s web service, there’s no need for you to store data on your servers – the  data in LandVision is always the latest. LandVision enables you to conduct a search based on zoning, land attributes, aggregate acreage and more to instantly find land that fits your specific criteria.

This Sounds Like Something I Need – Who Do I Talk To?

The DMP Platform offers location intelligence tools for a range of industries and business sectors. More than 3,000 builders, property developers, and owners throughout the United States use the DMP Platform to save time and money, and to help project teams operate as efficiently as possible when seeking and managing land opportunities.

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Read EdR’s success story here.

LandVision EdR success story



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