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GITA GIS for Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference Recap

Posted on by aschwab in Oil & Gas Pipeline

Last week our Digital Map Products team traveled to Houston, TX to participate in GITA’s Annual GIS for Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference. While this was our first time attending GITA GIS, we found it very informative and it gave us the chance to introduce ourselves to the Oil & Gas industry and understand their needs for GIS technology and geospatial data. Hands down, the highlight of the show for us was the opportunity to present a Technical Session about a subject we’re very passionate about: Cloud GIS.

Data Plays a Critical Role for Oil & Gas Companies Looking to Adopt GIS

One of our favorite presentations we attended was the mini session on Google in the Oil & Gas Industry. The room was packed and Ron Hathaway did a great job explaining the critical role data plays in the adoption and further evolution of GIS. We agree that amazing software is nothing without good, current data that is relevant to end-users’ objectives. Thankfully, with the proliferation of cloud computing, getting geospatial data for your mapping and GIS applications has exponentially easier. Further, all of us in the development community are thankful to Google for providing us with an intuitive mapping platform on which we can develop our customized applications. Can you believe that over 350,000 developers are leveraging Google’s APIs?! That helps to explain the tremendous innovation we’ve seen in mapping applications in recent years.

Success Tips for Oil & Gas Companies using Cloud GIS

In our technical session, The Cloud Revolution: Leveraging Cloud Computing for GIS Success, we were thrilled to not only have a great turn-out but an extremely engaged audience. Since we’ve been delivering GIS over the web for more than a decade we love it that everyone’s become so interested in cloud-based mapping of late. Our CEO, Jim Skurzynski and Product Manager, Skip Cody did a great job of bringing everyone up to speed with the latest developments in Cloud GIS and explaining why cloud computing is having such a huge impact on GIS technology. But they didn’t stop there – Jim and Skip harnessed their years of knowledge of developing web GIS applications and offered session participants several tips on how the Oil & Gas Industry can best capitalize on Cloud GIS technologies and get started today. Listed below is a summary of their Cloud GIS success tips:

  • Tip #1: New GIS users are a different breed – understand what they are trying to do
  • Tip #2: Invest your development time making the technology work for your users, not making the technology work. With the cloud you can find solutions that take care of making the technology work!
  • Tip #3: Choose the right cloud provider and beware of impostors
  • Tip #4: Build a solid foundation for your Cloud GIS application with data that’s current and relevant
  • Tip #5: Be Obsessed with Performance – don’t let your app fall prey to “loading map syndrome”
  • Tip #6: Don’t wait for perfection. Cloud GIS is evolving. It’s best to get started and add on data, functionality and users as you go. Remember, a big benefit of the cloud is scalability!

A big thanks to GITA for organizing the conference and it was a pleasure interacting with technology thought leads in the Oil & Gas field!

In case you missed the show or our presentation, you can learn more about Cloud GIS with the resources below:

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