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LandVision™ Professional is an online property information search tool which offers map-centric searching of property and related data and basic visual analysis. For small and medium sized commercial and residential real estate industry firms, LandVision™ Professional offers an affordable and easy-to-use solution to bring location context to research, analysis and decision-making efforts.

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Because real estate is all about location, it’s important to perform your research, analysis and decision making from a spatial perspective. With the rich mapping features in LandVision™ companies can conduct their research in less time, evaluate more opportunities and close better deals.

Key Features of LandVision™ Professional

  • Comprehensive real estate data: property information, parcels, hazard and environmental data, and more...
  • Intuitive, map-based interface makes using advanced mapping technology easy
  • Advanced search features including custom and multi-field searches and spatial search features such as radius and buffer
  • Extensive drawing and labeling tools to create maps for presentations and analysis
  • Save time researching, qualifying and presenting opportunities
  • Identify more valuable opportunities with robust search and visualization features

Leading real estate industry firms rely on LandVision™ to accelerate their decision making. Give your research and analysis a competitive edge by spatially-enabling it with LandVision™.

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