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Real Estate Research and Analysis
with a Spatial Perspective
Because real estate is all about location, it’s important to perform your research, analysis and decision making from a spatial perspective. LandVision™ is a rich mapping solution that gives you access to comprehensive property and geospatial data, powerful analysis and visualization technology, and collaboration features in an intuitive online tool.

With four editions, LandVision™ helps builders, developers, commercial brokers, and multifamily firms leverage location throughout their real estate research, analysis, and decision-making.

Your Single Source Solution:
  • Search, analyze, share, and manage real estate projects all in one system
  • Save time researching, qualifying, and presenting opportunities
  • Identify more valuable opportunities with robust search and visualization features
  • Create a single repository for integrating
    your data: both spatial and tabular
  • Collaborate with team members and share valuable company information

Leading real estate industry firms rely on LandVision™ to accelerate their decision making. Give your research and analysis a competitive edge by spatially-enabling it with LandVision™.

Key Features of LandVision™ Editions

LandVision™ Professional:   LandVision™ Enterprise:
LandVision™ Professional is an online property information search tool which offers map-centric searching of property and related data and basic visual analysis. It brings location context to small and medium sized companies' research and analysis efforts.
  • Ideal for small firms or organizations with limited users
  • Comprehensive property, market, and environmental data
  • Intuitive, advanced search and spatial search features
  • Affordable and scalable to grow with your needs
  LandVision™ Enterprise is a comprehensive online real estate research, analysis and collaboration tool with a map-based interface. It facilitates advanced searching, powerful visual analysis and enterprise-wide collaboration and data sharing.
  • Ideal for mid to large sized firms with many users
  • Premium data layers, enhanced aerial imagery, and custom data
  • Import, style and analyze your spreadsheets and spatial data
  • Create, save and search your proprietary spatial databases
LandVision™ Commercial:
LandVision™ Commercial Real Estate Edition includes all of the robust data, search and visualization features of Enterprise, but goes much further with data, search tools, and analysis features geared specifically for commercial real estate. Gain unparalleled market insights and accelerated decision making.
  • Ideal for brokers, researchers and analysts in commercial real estate
  • Key market data: Demographics, Points of Interest, Transaction Stats
  • Stay current on your markets with trade area analysis and activity alerts
  • Know your market dynamics with one click searches for owner portfolios and key players
  • Better manage your data with your own location-enabled property database
LandVision™ Builder Developer:
LandVision™ Builder is specialized for the housing industry. It incorporates data, automatic searches, and analytical tools required to find, develop and market profitable communities. Unlock the power of location to find optimal sites ahead of the competition and understand market trends.
  • Ideal for builders, developers, and multifamily firms
  • Key market data: Demographics, Points of Interest, Foreclosures, School Data, Transaction Stats
  • Generate lists for site acquisition for your submarkets. Quickly analyze sites with intelligent scores based on their suitability for development
  • View animated market trend maps and drill down on local areas to see detailed transaction data
  • Customize with your own site & contact information and imported data

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